Merry and Bright, I Love The Christmas Lights

Merry & Bright, I Love The Christmas LightsI can’t believe Christmas arrives in nearly a week and a few days! The sentiment of participating in so many activities during the holiday exhilarates me. One of the many family traditions in my house consists of decorating our home for the holidays. I would say that our decorative style this Christmas presents a simple and classy look. We also like to keep central themes for each part of the house. The kitchen, dining room, porch, living room and foyer/stairwell have their own unique signature. And each one marries fluidly with the others.

Merry & Bright, I Love The Christmas Lights
These eye-popping ornaments, decorated by my mother and I, were the same pumpkins used in our Thanksgiving foyer décor.

Our porch represents our introduction to our house as well as the first impression. We want people to feel the Christmas spirit when they arrive at our house. On our accent bench, we added a few Christmas pillows as well as a fun-loving snowman. The different hues of the pillows and the snowman make the bench truly festive. The small bells above it add a stunning contrast between the darker and light reds. We used a very loving picture and placed it with a clean wooden crate. This little accent reminds me of a rustic look to bring out the refreshing idea of nature. The freshly trimmed, decorative tree and the spruce garland create a feeling of the outdoors and a calming essence. These eye-popping ornaments, decorated by my mother and I, were the same pumpkins used in our Thanksgiving foyer décor.  These adorable ornaments add a wow factor to the porch with their charismatic nature. Finally, a door needs that classic wreath to welcome guests. Merry & Bright, I Love The Christmas Lights

The foyer/stairwell decorations greet you as soon as you walk through the holly-jolly door. On our small accent table, we added an adorable candy cane centerpiece with elegant golden floral picks in the middle and golden beads at the bottom. The curly floral picks remind me of fancy floral pieces in the prestigious White House. On each side two personified versions of Santa entertain our guests. One plays jazzy Christmas tunes with his cool cat shades and his red-velvet tailored tuxedo jacket. The other Santa laughs gaily and his belly jiggles like a bowl full of jelly. Cascading around them, spruce garlands with or without lights free-fall in perfect motion. Finally, there is a Santa stocking to add a refreshing flare. The green and red felt, die-cut ornaments flow their hues across the staircase. As, the little metal star sits in the accent window over our stairs that reminds me of the star  the wise men once followed. Merry & Bright, I Love The Christmas Lights

Merry & Bright, I Love The Christmas Lights

The dining room provides a lot more room and possibilities for Christmas decorations. Before you enter, we reintroduce the cascading spruce garland. We added a few simple lit trees in various parts of the room to add a fully illuminated effect. Merry & Bright, I Love The Christmas LightsTo provide a cozy feeling, we have a fireplace in the center and an interactive painting. Along the side of the fireplace, we wanted to include the angels that have watched over us for a long time. We added matching stockings and accented with spruce garland. The trend of flowing garland continues on the left side of the room. However, the little ornaments add variation to the garland frenzy. Next to the mirror, we added our homemade picture frame. This represents the creative aspect to traditional Christmas items like the Christmas wreath. We wanted to intertwine it with lights so that it flows smoothly with the other decorations. On our buffet chest, we added a third delicate angel and a draping with Christmas golden ornaments tied at the end. The centerpiece consists of an array of Christmas ornaments to add extra sparkle to the table. When people come sit down to dine, we love to have some type of accent to light up the dinner table. What better way to do that than add a specialized Christmas wreath. This final wreath includes grapes, white flowers, and various ornaments that compliments the occasion of eating Christmas dinner. Merry & Bright, I Love The Christmas Lights

For the kitchen, we just wanted to add slightly simple touches, like our three miniature, crystal-studded sparkly trees. The sizes of the glimmering trees vary from a small one to a large one. Then we have a little extra sparkle on the wall with a Joy to The World 3-D sticker. These little accents help to break up the abundance of decorations in the other rooms, so that our guests don’t get overwhelmed. Finally, we decided to add some antique lanterns for our dramatic centerpiece on the kitchen breakfast bar.

In the living room, the lighted garlands cascade the fireplace mantle. To connect with theMerry & Bright, I Love The Christmas Lights lights, we added cute little reindeers and it gives the allusion that all the lights connect to the reindeers’ sparkly red harnesses as they dash across the sky. On the walls we placed wooden signs with metal metallic letters that read Jingle All The Way. We included an array of LED candles and a Christmas banner to go under it. Then we finalized the theme with a Christmas picture and elegant little ice skates. The banner, picture and skates each display the word Believe. The word prominently sets the central theme for this room reminding my family and friends to never stop believing.

Christmas can be celebrated in so many ways and it’s magical to see how homes and neighborhoods are transformed with twinkling lights and festive Christmas décor.  May your holidays be Merry and Bright and you never stop believing in the magic of Christmas. Merry & Bright, I Love The Christmas Lights



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