It’s High School Prom/Ring Dance Season

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Ring Dance/Prom marks one of the most important milestones in high school experiences. Both special nights require finesse and elegance as well as making a huge statement that your classmates, but most importantly you won’t forget. There’s a lot to consider when envisioning your dream ring dance/prom. How do you want your makeup and hair to look? Do you want a long or short dress? How many people do you want in your ring dance/prom entourage? Do you want to have a date or just go with your friends? Making these decisions can become overwhelming, but hopefully this ring dance/prom breakdown will make the process easier and less stressful.

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Your Budget:
Before you even start thinking about what type of dress, shoes, and jewelry you would like for your special night, a realistic budget needs to be put into consideration. What are you willing to spend more money on? The dress or the class ring? I made the conscious decision to buy a more expensive class ring and find a less expensive dress to go with it. I would rather buy a class ring that I could wear all the time and be happy with it for many years to come than to buy a gown that I would only wear for one night. If I buy a less expensive dress, I can easily dress it up with jewelry and shoes. If you’re going with a group of friends to ring dance/prom, you may want to consider how to split the cost between each member of the party. This means that if you and your group wish to go to a fancier restaurant before the dance, everyone should contribute to part of the expense or everyone pays for their own meal. If your group wants to rent a limousine, the cost should be divided equally among everyone in the group. If you don’t want to spend money on a limo, consider asking a family member or close family friend to loan/ rent their luxury vehicle. Keeping all these details in mind, make sure you plan all your expenses before the big day so there won’t be any surprises.

Prom Squad

Who’s Your Crew?: 
When selecting your ring dance/prom squad, keep in mind the type of people you bring with you. Some people have more fun when they go on their own because they enjoy mingling around and don’t like being tied to a certain group. However, some people like to have an entourage with them that they can have fun with all night. These groups usually get along well with each other and are willing to compromise every now and then. You also can share your memories with your fellow classmates by taking tons of pictures, hitting the dance floor etc. Some prefer a classic date for their special night. They indulge in the intimate side of ring dance/prom with the slow dancing and just taking their time to take in the atmosphere. Therefore, who gets to be apart of your crew depends on how you wish to spend your night. If you are looking for a certain feel during ring dance/prom then you should consider how your vision will work smoothly. Is more people better or less to none for the activities you wish to partake in?

The Look:
Every girl believes they have a clear vision of what they want for their ring dance/prom outfit, but your sense of style may not be the same by the time you become a junior or senior. So, just to be safe, sketching out a basis of what you want your look to be would prove beneficial. Then you have a clear idea of what you desire to wear. It may also help to look at different images for inspiration such as Pinterest or Instagram. Make yourself a saved Ring Dance or Prom folder and save various images including hairstyles, makeup, and dresses and shoes. Think about what type of statement you want to convey when you go to ring dance/prom.  I really want to showcase my dress, I want to have a simple up-do with some jewelry accents as well as shoes with a hint of sparkle. I would also recommend that you test out your hair and makeup look before you decide on a final look because the Instagram look may not work for your face or the desired look you want to achieve. And remember, it’s okay if you can’t afford a high-end dress. You can just buy a simple dress and get creative. Take different fabrics or jewels or feathers that you may want to add to jazz up the less expensive dress.

The most important aspect to remember is to just have fun. Don’t stress too much about the tiny details. Eventually everything will work out for you and fall into place. You only get to do ring dance or prom once, so you have to make it count. Make as many memories as you can on your magical night and spend as much time with your friends as you can. Don’t hesitate to go out of your comfort zone. If you usually aren’t the first one on the dance floor, be the one to be the life of the party. If you see someone sitting by themselves, be the one to mingle with that person. Be the one to photobomb all the ring dance/prom photos. Ring dance and prom is the time to let loose after a long year of hard work and you deserve to treat yourself. It’s Prom/Ring Dance season so to my fellow juniors and seniors enjoy every moment of creating memories from the moment you put a plan in place to prepare for the dance to the grand affair that you will share with your family, friends and classmates.

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